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What do you wear: Styles, colors, etc.?

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1What do you wear: Styles, colors, etc.?  Empty What do you wear: Styles, colors, etc.? on Sat Apr 02, 2011 8:01 pm

Just curious to ask everyone what zentai suits you have? What are your favorite styles, colors, fabrics, etc.? How many suits do you have? What suits do you plan to order/have in the future?

As for myself, I have only recently gotten interested in zentai. I have one black spandex suit, but will be selling it to someone as it's the wrong size. I'll be ordering more zentai soon though!

My favorite colors: Just about all of them. Favorite styles: Definately animal print such as leopard, cheetah, dalmation, etc.! Favorite fabrics: Classic lycra/spandex, cotton or nylon/spandex, velvet/velour. I won't wear any PVC, vinyl, or rubber suits. Suits I plan to have/buy: As many as I can! I especially want to start with getting animal print suits first if I can.
What I enjoy doing with zentai: Just lounging around the house or taking pics of me in zentai. Also wearing other lycra/spandex items over my zentai suit such as tights, leotards, satin gloves, etc. Want to try maybe kigurumi/zentai store crossdressing in the future.

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