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Zentai Suits

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1Zentai Suits Empty Zentai Suits on Fri Mar 25, 2011 8:58 pm

Until recently, spandex and lycra zentai have only been used for leotards, catsuits and leggings which were aimed at the dance and fitness markets. Now though, there is a new trend which originates from Japan called zentai suit. Zentai means 'full body' in Japanese and this new fashion trend involves wearing lycra zentai suits as a form of pleasure or relaxation.

These suits are different from normal lycra catsuits that are designed for dance. Normal catsuits usually have stirruped feet where as these new style ones from Japan not only cover the feet, much like a pair of pantyhose would, they also cover the hands and sometimes the head as well.Everyone knows how comfortable lycra is and it's no secret that it feels nice against the skin which is why this new practice of wearing zentai spandex suits for pleasure isn't surprising.

Unlike normal catsuits which are usually only available in standard colors, zentai suits can be found in numerous super hero designs. That actually seems quite strange to me but no doubt there are a lot of people around the world that like to dress up as their favorite super hero like Spiderman for example.

This trend has been popular now for sometime in Japan but it's only recently that it has started to become popular in other places around the world. It's no longer just dancers and exercise buffs that can enjoy the benefits of lycra and spandex. Although this new trend of zentai suits seems to be more focused around the shiny appearance and smooth texture of lycra rather than it's other bensefits.

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